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Established in February 2002 in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Insight Marketing Group has evolved from humble beginnings to develop ourselves into a specialist and leading competitor in promotional direct marketing throughout Australia, with a high focus in regional areas.

Insight Marketing Group operates off an outsourced business model. With each persons ongoing contributions and successes, we have been able to represent high profile, well known national and international clients across multiple sectors; including humanitarian, entertainment, telecommunications, dental services, charity, energy efficiency and utilities industries. Many of the Clients that we have represented are household names from the assistance we give; through the techniques used we increase their brand awareness, customer acquisitions, and customer service levels. On a daily basis we continue to raise exposure levels of many clients brands, providing a positive and solid reputation for them in the community.

Insight Marketing Group has a strong focus on regional Australia with our Head office located in Wollongong. Further to this, we provide business support to offices located in Brisbane (QLD), and Wollongong from past expansion.

Our mission is simple; to continue our expansion both nationally and internationally every year, whilst continuing to be a successful and strong competitor within the marketplace.

Whilst we have access to a wide portfolio of clients, we strongly believe that our best asset is the people we work with, and the input that they provide us. This is apparent when you look at the rapid businesses growth we have experienced over the years, through Client growth and expansion, increased brand awareness in the marketplace, and a largely increased customer base.

Insight Marketing Group prides itself on personal one-on-one interaction with the customers we deal with on a daily basis on behalf of Clients. Through our people and the people we work with we are supplied with continual input, which gives us the opportunity and ability to adapt to ongoing changes within the business world. This has enabled us to create a strong core base, built on knowledge which is readily available and accessed each and every day.

We here at Insight Marketing Group have many plans for the future, some of which are already well under way. It is our vision to continue expansion of the client portfolio, our people and the people we work with, as well as continuing to increase our offices, and office we provide business support to across not only Australia, but also Asia and the US.

2016 Expansion

In 2016 our focus is to continue the expansion of our locations, the Clients we represent throughout regional Australia, whilst continuing supporting the team and independent affiliated companies we work closely with. 

We are focused on strengthening our presence in the regional market, by initially expanding the client portfolio we work, with the view to expand into more locations across regional Australia later on in the year.

Our plans for our primary location is to not only increase productivity, but also expand Clients and campaigns utilised as we continue to rollout new strategies to support these growth plans, with the first phase already in progress.  

To help strengthen our presence in local regional markets we plan to increase the client base on which we work, our sales production, as well as a larger variety of campaigns to work on.

For the companies we provide business support to, we plan to provide ongoing support to aid them to be a strong competitive leader within their local business community. Our vision is to have a solid brand, and we aim to assist each company to expand their direct offices further across the country.

For the community we will continue to develop and expand our locations so that we are able to offer not only more cost effective strategies for the clients, but also for customers, along with providing more career opportunities within both regional and metropolitan Australia for our direct and contracted team.




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