Wollongong (NSW)

Our focus in Wollongong is always on the people we work with. We want every person to be given the chance to be educated on all areas within the industry to assist them in developing themselves, their careers and their ability to make informed choices when conducting business, so that as the business world changes, we will continue to be a leader in what we do.

We encourage people to share new ideas, concepts and changes by allowing people to educate themselves through a variety of methods so that each individual can succeed at the quickest rate possible for themselves. We understand that everyone has different learning styles, as a result education is tailored to the best of our ability to enhance people's knowledge intake. We believe that the more pro-active you are at seeking out information the more successful one will be, along with a strong work ethic. As a result the people that work with us really enjoy and are passionate about what they do.

With Wollongong being the 'powerhouse' of our operations our goals are not only to continue being the number 1 location for productivity but also to expand the client base, and branch into new campaigns. We want to ensure that we are a leading location within the industry, whilst being a well known recognised leader within the local community, and long term within the national business community. To achieve these goals we are always on the look out for fresh new talent whether they be within the industry are transferring from another. If you have the right mentality, work ethic and attitude then we want to hear from you, to see if you are the next key player with Insight Marketing Group please feel free to apply through our 'Careers' page within our website via email or the online application form.



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